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fusion-paint-2-for-web product description

Fusion’s™ results are nothing less than spectacular, providing furniture painters and decorative artists a best-in-class paint that features an environmentally conscious formulation, low VOC’s, superior durability, easy one-step self-levelling application and significantly improved adhesion and strength. Delivering an exceptional matte finish, this 100% acrylic paint requires minimal prep and no top coat!

Easy to Distress: Extremely simple to work with, Fusion™ paint distresses effortlessly.




Excellent Coverage: Fusion™ paint offers the incredible coverage of 75 sq ft per pint (500ml/8oz). In most cases one coat is all you need. Our coverage is outstanding!

Eco-Friendly: Our premium formula is a low VOC paint using only the highest quality ingredients. Contains no ammonia or formaldehyde.


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1 Small Container Covers This 1 Pint Covers This


algonquin-collage-500 ash-collage-500
Algonquin-Fusion Mineral Paint Ash-Fusion Mineral Paint
bedford-collage-500 buttermilk-cream-collage-500
Bedford-Fusion Mineral Paint Buttermilk Cream-Fusion Mineral Paint
casement-collage-500 cathedral-taupe-collage-500
Casement-Fusion Mineral Paint Cathedral Taupe-Fusion Mineral Paint
ceramic-collage-500 champlain-collage-500
Ceramic-Fusion Mineral Paint Champlain-Fusion Mineral Paint
champness-collage-500 chocolate-collage-500
Champness-Fusion Mineral Paint Chocolate-Fusion Mineral Paint
coal-black-collage-500 damask-collage-500
Coal Black-Fusion Mineral Paint Damask-Fusion Mineral Paint
fort-york-red-collage-500 homestead-blue-collage-500
Fort York Red-Fusion Mineral Paint Homestead Blue-Fusion Mineral Paint
inglenook-collage-500 lamp-white-collage-500
Inglenook-Fusion Mineral Paint Lamp White-Fusion Mineral Paint
laurentien-collage-500 liberty-blue-collage-500
Laurentien-Fusion Mineral Paint Liberty Blue-Fusion Mineral Paint
limestone-collage-500 prairie-sunset-collage-500
Limestone-Fusion Mineral Paint Prairie Sunset-Fusion Mineral Paint



Renfrow Blue-Fusion Mineral Paint Stirling-Fusion Mineral Paint
Upper Canada-Fusion Mineral Paint
beeswax-for-web brush-soap-for-web
Fusion Beeswax Block Fusion Brush Soap
gilding-paste-square-for-web sandstone-texture-for-web
Fusion Guilding Paste Fusion Sandstone Finish
smooth-embossing-paste-for-web tinting-kits-square-for-web
Fusion Smooth Embossing Paste Fusion Metallic Tints
tough-coat-antiquing-for-web tough-coat-clear-for-web
Fusion Antiquing Finish Fusion Clear Finish
Fusion Transfer Gel